Specializing in Jet Pulse Dust Collectors and Complete Industrial Air Filtration Systems  

For over 25 years, Advanced Integrated Resources (AIR) Inc. has been providing air emissions control solutions for a variety of industry applications requiring particulate removal and air and fume emissions treatment.  Our services range from process and overall system design through to complete turnkey fabrication, installation and commissioning.  Our systems include fume and air collection hoods, ducting systems, wet and dry scrubbers and Jet Pulse collectors up to 300,000 cfm.

AIR has extensive experience in a wide variety of industry sectors including steel mills; ferrous and non-ferrous foundries and refiners; gypsum wall board plants; aggregate and asphalt facilities; building material manufacturers and waste management and recycling facilities.

Our tightly integrated sales and design/implementation teams ensure a focused ‘womb-to-tomb’ approach delivering cost effective, reliable, long-term performance-orientated system solutions committed by AIR and anticipated by our Customers.